My Favourite Five with In-Yeo Couperus

In-Yeo, owner of the Dutch kids clothing brand Repose AMS, shares her love for early mornings, Amsterdam – and her favourite five STUDIO MINI products.

Hello In-Yeo, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

“My name is In-Yeo Couperus, 37 years and I live in Amsterdam. I was born in South Korea and I was adopted when I was only a couple of weeks old. I had a great childhood growing up in Friesland, the north of Holland, and I moved to Amsterdam to study almost 20 years ago. I am currently in a relationship with Wes and we really love living in the city”. 


What does your ideal day look like?

”I love early mornings, especially in Autumn. I am not a planner so normally I just see what the day brings. On a day off,  I get up early and enjoy the sleeping city, and Sundays are the best for doing that. I also enjoy having lunch with Wes and then spontaneously catching up with friends”.


What is the best thing about having your own company, in your eyes?

”I love being free in a certain way and making my own choices. Besides that, I am constantly learning so many things. Things about the creative process, having a business, and things about myself which makes me develop and grow even more”. 


Where do you find most of your inspiration? 

”I can find inspiration in everything. I love going to museums to be stimulated and create new ideas. Also little things in life inspire me, like Instagram, Pinterest or even someone passing me when I am cycling. Watching tv or a good sunset: anything can inspire me. I think this is because when you are creative, your mind is always switched on, observing everything around you and taking it all in, ready to create something special”.


Lastly, can you tell us a little about your favourite things you have picked? 

”I really like the items from Nofred, especially the Mouse Chair. I love the design, it looks so elegant, but not too old school.

The doll house is also one of my favourites, as I really really enjoyed playing with a doll house when I was younger.

Bonton is one of my favourite brands, because classic design never goes out of style. This lamp is so pretty because the light shines through in such a beautiful and subtle way.

The shower gel from Minois is on of my personal favourites, I use it every day. The smell is wonderful.

And the gymnastics rings! Oh I would have loved them when I was a child, I did gymnastics so I was upside down all the time”.


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Thank you, In-Yeo!

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